Chance2Vote - A whole new way of speaker-listener interaction

The most important attribute of a good speaker is their ability to connect to the audience and strike the right chord with them. At most conventions and conferences, speakers interact with the listeners by asking them a question pertaining to the chosen topic of discussion.

The speaker may ask the audience to answer a question by show of hands just to derive a conclusive approximation and get the audience to participate and feel like an integral part of the talk. The solution was created to revolutionize and strengthen the bond between the speaker and the listeners in a seamless, smart and professional manner.  

For example, if the question is a multi-choice question, instead of the show of hands, the audience can send their answers to a given number that is projected on the main screen whose main display is controlled by the speaker. The speaker gets the answers to his questions instantly and the statistical information is displayed to the audience that experiences its immediate influence on the end result.

The integration of the solution into the audience owned laptops or smartphones eliminates the need of buying or renting expensive and sophisticated devices that were used earlier to type in the answers to the questions posed. The listeners were required to hand over either their license or a document of equal importance as a deposit against these devices that made the process very cumbersome. However, Chance2Vote changes all this.

Chance2Vote goes a step further and not only allows the audience to leave a feedback score for a presenter using this smart solution, but also allows them to update their Facebook accounts and tweet about the event on their Twitter accounts.

Chance2Vote uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the cost-effectiveness of events and conferences and at the same time it strengthens the speaker-audience interaction in a smart and sophisticated way.


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