What is it?

E–Training is an amazing break-through solution which has enabled hundreds of our clients to provide a fast and efficient option for their organizational and business training. It’s the “green” way to train your remote and incoming employees. Save time and resources – and help save the planet at the same time! E-Training enables employees to be trained before or immediately post-hire from the privacy of their own home.

Why use it?
Classroom employee training usually requires an expedited process – cramming the entire training into a few days, or even hours. By allowing employees to be trained remotely, this keeps down the out-of-pocket expenses of travel and accommodations for both trainers and employees. E-Training can replace traditional classroom training, or it can be used as a supplement for pre- or post-course learning. Because it works remotely, you can train an unlimited number of employees at once without worrying about how to coordinate employee schedules. With E-Training, you can save money AND reach out to the maximum number of employees. Through online testing and assignments, you can keep accurate records of your trainees’ participation and performance.

How it works:
There are a number of ways to distribute E-Training: New Approach will create and maintain a website for all your training sessions. You, as the client, can integrate training sessions within an existing website. You can also create CD/DVD versions of the session for re-use. E-Training is fully web-based and doesn't require installation or any technical knowledge. Clients are completely supported by our team of experts that can answer all questions. Training is completely branded on a media interface. Using FYE Only (For Your Eyes Only) technology, you can receive notification of who has watched the training and assign specified training sessions to specific people. Trainings are hosted on a secure network so there’s no risk of piracy. You can even turn your training into another revenue stream – we’ll help you market it!


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