Turn your event attendees into keynote speakers

What is it?

Conventions recruit top speakers from around the world to address their attendees. But the invited speakers are not necessarily the ones the attendees want to hear. Conventions bring people together from all over; there may be ones with an even more interesting story to tell. The person who can solve your problem might be sitting next to, rather than standing up at the podium.

How it works:

Chance2Speak turns your event into a physical web2.0 location, enabling the “voice of the field” to be heard and creating an unmatched amazing experience for your event attendees. The online platform is geared towards promoting freedom of expression and aids the process of bringing the latest data and developmental news in a chosen area of interest to your convention.

Using the interactive, easy-to-use web interface, attendees are able to propose up to six-minute talks about their desired topic. Those topics are then offered to the other attendees to choose from as an additional part of the conference package. Chance2Speak manages all logistics, allocating the time slots, the “theaters” where the gathering is taking place at on the exhibition area, and the expected demand per presentation. Slots are blocked on a first come, first served basis and slots are confirmed after the user is picked to be the chosen speaker through an online voting system.

Why use it?

Chance2Speak can be a top-notch entertainment item for your show and a key differentiating factor for any corporate event, providing an unmatched educational opportunity. Chance2Speak is just a click away from your event’s website. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model makes it easy to add Chance2Speak to your next event. Increase the value-add of your convention with Chance2Speak!

Chance2Speak allows you to promote your convention in a bigger way by allowing potential speakers gain access to a platform that will provide them the opportunity to speak about their ideas and research to a worldwide audience. No matter the size of the convention. Chance2Speak is suitable to any size of event.

Advantages of using Chance2Speak

Seamless integration into the event website  
Fits conventions of all sizes  
Helps conventions adopt a listener-centric approach  
Allow unknown subject matter experts or common audience to have their say and to present their ideas in front of industry leaders and opinion leaders  
Can be customized to suit the requirements of the specific event  
Slots are blocked on a first come first served basis or in a more organized way allowing slot confirmationafter the user is picked to be the chosen speaker through an online voting system.  

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